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nothing…..he- he just…… become…happy…at least……it is happy end ofc but but but but orz orz no sorry I’m so weak seeing my bby crying there omg sorry….. don’t worry everything is fine, so fine, it is happy end (TvT)

Fashion Coordinator Soraru

(from Soraru’s namahousou 2014.07.25)

this day he went to rehearsal (I suppose it was ETA’s) and after that he got some free time so he went shopping clothes with Rib and he held namahousou after come back home

in the middle of namahousou he picked up some comments

Soraru: *reading comment* was Rib-san ikemen? he’s uniqlo-ikemen.. he was like, he’s dressed head-to-toe with uniqlo item (uniqlo is name of clothes brand, have the stigma of clothes for those with no sense since it’s mass produce that is so common and btw most of kashi’s shirts are believed from uniqlo too wwww)… when I make fun of that he really mind my word and ask, ‘Soraru-san please pick some clothes for me~’ (←since Soraru is so fashionable) he was that kind of person

comments: so cuutee~ Rib-san so cute~ Soraru-san is a bully wwwwwww

Soraru: well, Rib is a good guy… I said to him to wear polo shirt for ETA, but as expected that will be so unfit so yeah, he won’t….

comments: eeeewwwwww Rib-sanwwww Soraru-san bully~ww

Soraru: but at the end he bought the polo shirt I recommended for him…