hello there! call me c-chan!
lately this blog have became mainly utaites but I reblog anime, manga, seiyuu, etc too! feel free to hit ask button! :D
For the art thing! 14 (or 7) + k..kashitaro (I'm sorry for my bias ww thank you..)

forgive  this lateness….orz orz

Ito Kashitaro + 14 doing something they don’t normally do

have a crying Kashi here…..(sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry)

im not sure if i should be asking you this now but did you write a report on eta?

uuu… no, sorry… I did take note on setlist and my own though during the live but I don’t think I can do report on 6hours concert so…. maybe I’ll write some if someone ask tho…